Workplace bullying: The challenges in moving from recognition to renewal

Minding the Workplace

Last summer , I wrote that many targets of workplace bullying go through a procession of stages in their paths toward a better place: Recognition, response, recovery, and renewal. I’d like to revisit that framework and examine where we are now in our ability to help individuals who are experiencing bullying at work.

Recognizing that one is being bullied at work has become easier. In the U.S., the term “workplace bullying” is gaining wider usage, buttressed by growing coverage in the popular and social media, and supported by an expanding body of research and academic commentary. Consequently, many are able to tap into sources that validate their experiences and impressions. This has occurred time and again, for example, when people find their way to the website of the Workplace Bullying Institute.

However, responding to workplace bullying behaviors isn’t easy. True, today we have a much better understanding of the…

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