If you want to lose one hundred pounds, you have to admit you need to quit eating fattening foods, bad carbohydrates, and find someone to help you get moving and eat right. You better have the courage to get on the scale in front of someone else, and in the privacy of your own home get naked and really take a really good look at yourself. You had better be able to toss away the junk food, sodas, and extra garbage that is keeping you fat. You must be willing to admit that you are the one responsible for your weight problems, and be ready to take action toward helping yourself. After all, you more than likely wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had your life together.

If you want to be a scholar, then you need to be prepared to dedicate your life to books and academia. Whatever your goal, preparation is key, and along with this comes personal responsibility.

Taking responsibility is an obligation. You owe this to yourself and to those who believe in and love you. So be your best! Create the best you. It’s simple: have the courage to admit what you perceive as failures and weakness and work on fixing them. Take inventory, and find out what you do best and make it better. Focus on the positives in your life. If you are a good mother, be a better one. If you are a good teacher, become better. Keep in mind being better does not mean giving up joy or fun, nor does it mean being perfect. Being better simply means challenging yourself to another level and continually setting the bar higher. It means taking responsibility and being accountable for you. It means making yourself a symbol of idealism.

Paying attention to your appearance, your manners, your intellect, your creativity, your abilities, your talents, and your spiritual needs will enable you to show the world the truly gracious person you are. It also helps to admit that there is always room for improvement, and taking action is the only way to get this done. So don’t just dream it; create it.

Whatever your dream, knowledge is key. With this understanding, the concept of achievement becomes a reality. That is why one must continue to feed the mind with new ideas and knowledge.


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