Track Your Waist and Weight


“Get the facts first, and then you can distort ‘em as you please.” ~ Mark Twain

Simply Put

We would all like to fit into the “gold standard” for our weight. However, our weight can be deceiving. Your primary concern should be your health and performance levels. Body-fat percentage is what you should be most concerned with as high levels of fat may lead to health issues.

Scales can be deceiving. They do not always represent an honest picture. I suggest you track your waist size. This will allow you to see results not reflected on the scale. Decreasing waist sizes generally equal bad adipose (fat) tissue reduction. As you gain lean tissue (muscle), your metabolism gets a boost. An efficient metabolism makes it easier to work out and lose weight. You gain more energy and feel better! Although scales can be deceiving, they are a valuable tool in the weight-loss game. For this reason, I have supplied you with a guide.

Weight Standard for Women

The chart below is divided into small, medium, and large. This represents frame size. The best way to determine frame size is to measure the width of your shoulders and hips and measure your wrists and ankles. Those with narrow shoulders and hips and small wrists and ankles are considered small framed. Those with wide shoulders and hips and large wrists and ankles are considered large. Most of us fit into the medium-frame category.

Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame
4’9” 99–108 106–118 115–128
4’10” 100–110 108–120 117–131
4’11” 101–112 110–123 117–131
5’0” 103–115 112–126 121–137
5’1” 105–118 115–129 125–140
5’2” 108–121 118–132 128–144
5’3’’ 111–124 121–135 131–148
5’4” 114–127 124–138 134–152
5’5” 117–130 127–141 137–156
5’6” 120–133 130–144 140–160
5’7” 123–136 133–147 143–164
5’8” 126–139 136–150 146–167
5’9” 129–142 139–153 149–170
5’10” 132–145 142–156 152–173
5’11” 135–148 145–159 155–176

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