Creating a Healthier & Happier YOU; Do it the P.I.E.S. Way

Happy weight loss to you as you begin to follow the P.I.E.S. Way. December 30, 2015, I shared Why P.I.E.S.? And proceeded to give this brief explanation.
“P.I.E.S. does what most diet clinics, weight loss centers recommend. It puts you in charge of your wellness lifestyle. It also recommends that you get help when you need it. If you want to lose weight, you must commit to new ways of thinking and work toward developing a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.”  Who is this woman?  Here’s a piece of history.

I first began sharing my ideas about personal development in the early  1980’s  working with The Miss Montana Road Show. This educational
program, affiliated with the Miss America pageant, featured Miss
Montana, selected finalists and other performers. My role was to motivate
and inspire audiences, primarily adolescents to embrace individuality—
the importance of you. I continue to work with the Miss
Montana/Miss America program today. After college, I began a career in Portland, Oregon. Here, I developed what I called my “Ingredients for Success”. The title made sense, for as a weight loss counselor/manager and personal trainer, I was accustomed to showing clients how to measure and weigh their food, as well as their bodies. During this time, I learned there was much more to wellness and fitness than grocery lists and a scale. Instead of a recipe for food, I decided to create a recipe for a person. I thought about what was universal and made me, myself whole. Think food! 

I took an everyday measuring cup and mentally divided it by
fourths: one quarter, physical; the second, intellectual; the third, emotional; the fourth and perhaps the most important, spiritual. When you put these four pieces together holistically, you have an evenly balanced individual. Simple!

At this time, I was called to work with high school girls at risk
facing many of the many pitfalls I had circumvented. Sharing my personal
story allowed me to introduce the following concepts to these
young women:

  • Your past is no excuse for your future
  • The power within
  • Goal setting
  • Choices and consequences
  • Be true to you, individuality
  • Complete your education and graduate from high school
  • Earn advance degrees (vocational or college)
  • Join the service

As you can see, I was teaching the basic principles of  self-advocacy, self-esteem, self-image, nutrition, fitness, and goal setting.    I credit my  knowledge of the wellness/nutrition/fitness industry to the ” true gurus” of the industry: Sybil Ferguson CEO and founder of Diet Center, Dr. Covert Bailey, Fit or Fat— Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Dr. Wayne Dyer, self-help author and motivational speaker because  I was fortunate to train and learn from them.  I won’t bore you anymore details.  You can read Lose the Baggage Lose the Weight a-woman to-woman recipe for life Revised Edition or my detailed bio online soon.  The point, your weight loss journey is about much more than weight on a scale.  Before we begin I am going to recommend you pick my book up. It will make this journey much more fruitful.  I am not saying it won’t be tough.  And because you want to get stated day one of 2016, here is a quick review about P.I.E.S.  and some of what will help you get started before Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight arrives.

Physical: a state of well-being. To achieve bodily wellness and maintain it once it is achieved, it is necessary to feed the body with nutritious foods, exercise it regularly, avoid harmful behaviors and substances, and protect oneself from accidents or harm.

Intellectual: the ability to think and learn from life’s experiences, both taught to us and experienced by us. It is a willingness to be open mindedness to new ideas and the ability to question and evaluate information with reason and logic. An individual with good intellectual skills is capable of making decisions, setting realistic goals, meeting challenges, and coming up with sensible and practical solutions to their problems.
Emotional: the ability to differentiate thoughts and feelings and to communicate them reasonably and responsibly. It is the ability to interact effectively with other people in social environments. It is the capacity to develop satisfying interpersonal relationships and to fulfill social and workplace roles.

Spiritual: a belief in a higher power that gives greater significance to individual life.


Losing weight is not something that is going to happen overnight. Remember, you didn’t put the weight on in a day or two; it took time. It took time to collect that extra baggage. It took time to realize it was even there. It is going to take time, change, hard work, and patience. Before you know it, you will be feeling more energized, more confident in you as a whole person, and feel proud of yourself each time you look in the mirror.

Losing weight means making a change, a major change in your life. A diet plan existing for only weeks or months at a time is a plan setting you up to fail once you stop the diet. Dropping pounds and keeping them off is a lifestyle change, a commitment to your health, body, and mind.

Make sure you are ready … and make the commitment.

Educate yourself on the importance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat by reading the material written. If you understand why you should eat certain foods and why you should minimize others, this can help with your changes. Educate. Empower. Engage.


  • Accountability
  • Attitude
  • Commitment
  • Determination and diligence
  • Patience and time
  • Truth

So how do you get it done with P.I.E.S.?

P.I.E.S. teaches you to plan, and it holds you accountable. It does not allow you to use others as your excuse. You take the first step, you face your problems, and you decide to change. Want to change. Call on the P.I.E.S. original formula.

Desire +Motivation+Commitment+Flexibility+Acceptance = Change

Action Step: Organize your space and gather your tools.

  • Scale
  • Tape measure Notebook/journal to track exercise progress and daily food intake (example in workbook) or join online (
  • Measuring cups/spoons
  • Calorie Counter ( or purchase a food scale
  • Healthful Recipes (see recommendations, reusable
  • Ziploc containers (prepare ahead!)

Stayed tuned for more great information or go to I have presentations up to help educate you.


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