Welcome to March Madness

Basket Ball


When I returned to work on March 3rd I walked into a bare classroom. Everything familiar was gone. The pictures and charts that hung on the walls were gone. The shelves were empty. It was surreal. My mind was reeling as I approached my desk.

There was a yellow sticky note on my computer addressed to the substitute. Someone must have forgotten to remove it. From the sound of the message, it looked like no one had expected me to return to work.

The note gave instructions for issuing grades. When I contacted administration for a new password, I found that my grading system had been entirely eliminated and a new system put in place. All the grades that I had carefully entered before my leave were gone.

At the start of every year my students and I signed a contract that outlined my method of awarding grades, which more than met the state standards for English and

reading. I used a combination of homework, class work, tests, and special projects. Now my students were being graded, according to another teacher’s system which utilized only tests and homework.

I never felt that you could just base a grade in English on tests and homework. Class work is especially important for a teacher to assess how well a student is learning the subject. Special projects give every student a chance to excel. Now another teacher, using passwords supplied by administration, had deleted everything from my computer grade book and established a system that might have been okay for math, but certainly wasn’t what was utilized in English.

……….to be continued


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