March Madness Part 10

Basket Ball

If there’s a “fox in the hen house” you’ve got problems.

On March 26th Jerry received another letter from Ferret stating that the scope of the meeting was going to be “substantially broadened into a year review”.   Sadly,  another tactic used by school administrators and their puppets.

The next day Jerry reiterated our previous position. “Ferret is a witness to the recent allegations. Thus, not only will you have what we believe to be a biased ‘judge’ but will also have the ‘judge’ acting as witness in a proceeding which he is presiding over.” He also stated that “It has come to our attention that members of the administration and/or their subordinates may be searching and seizing personal and private items belonging to my client. If this is occurring, it must stop and all personal and private items must be returned to where they were found immediately.” The letter also states “There is little documentation to support much of the allegations other than double and triple hearsay. In order for my client to reasonably be expected to respond to allegations she must be provided with copies of documents, including written statements, from the alleged victims. Therefore, before any hearing can occur, please provide the fore mentioned documents immediately.”

While all these events were taking place Ferret was applying for a job with the Billings School District.

On March 28th Jerry sent a letter to Harold Ferret to formally request permission for me to attend my daughter’s volleyball tournament. This event was to be held the following day. I received permission only after a hearing and obtaining a court order. This was a clear violation of my rights as an American citizen. The tournament was held in a private school where Ferret had no authority, nevertheless he was there all day watching me and taking notes. He also made sure the players knew they could not talk to me.

During the tournament one of the players asked to talk to me about her English homework. I asked the girl’s parents if it was acceptable. The girl was in tears. She was having trouble with her assignments and felt that the substitutes were not able to help her at all. I told her that I would be coming back to school soon and we talked about the things that were troubling her. She wasn’t the only student who talked to me that day. Most of them expressed their concern for me as well as their frustration with the current situation in my classroom. They also knew that they were being watched and each and every one was tense and uncomfortable. Luckily the day ended without incident.

Not all the mail I received was bad. There were a number of touching letters from students and parents.  Here are a few excerpts from those heartfelt messages:

  • “I consider Mrs. Adams to be a very honest and straightforward teacher. I appreciate Faith Adams for caring for my children like she did.”

  • “I always found her very approachable and my dealings with her were all positive.”

  • “My son had Mrs. Adams for eighth-grade English. We found her to be a fair and exceptional teacher. Mrs. Adams was honest with us as parents; she was in tune with the students at the middle school. She’s a positive role model for the students at this age. Mrs. Adams didn’t show favoritism or coddle the students; she showed them that hard work and responsibility were the way to success. We’re looking forward to her teaching our son, who is currently in seventh grade.”

  • “Mrs. Adams has been a source of security and comfort for our daughter this year. Eighth grade is an emotional time for young girls and we’re grateful to Mrs. Adams for her caring and compassion toward our daughter—especially when the school administration extracted an unfounded complaint from our daughter. Mrs. Adams has always handled our daughter with respect and understanding. We’re truly grateful that our daughter has had the chance to learn and prepare for high school under the guidance of Mrs. Adams.”


….to be continued


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