March Madness Part 9

Basket BallI wasn’t the only one having problems with Ferret and the administration. My son’s band instructor and a former president of the Havre Education Association was another target of the bullies. The constant harassment started affecting his health and his classroom management suffered considerably. Pushed to the edge he threw his keys at the class and announced he was quitting.

Parents panicked and the school’s phones began to ring. Parental concern that the school was going to lose their band teacher prompted administration into talking the band instructor into finishing the year. They warned him that his behavior (the result of their bullying) would not be tolerated. The teacher finished out the year, turned in his letter of resignation, and moved to another town.

On March 20th, I received a letter from MEA-MFT informing me that the union was going to “withdraw the services of retained counsel and staff” because I had retained my own attorney. Apparently I’d paid ten years of union dues for nothing. (A common practice by the Teachers Union.)

I also received a letter from the district accusing me of “inappropriate contacts with students, intimidation and unharmonious relations with staff, and creating an atmosphere not conducive to teaching and learning.”

Four days later a letter from Harold Ferret arrived informing me that my investigative hearing had been postponed. The next day I received an explicit order from Ferret prohibiting me from attending my son’s high school band concert. It was almost more than I could stand.

Jerry Halperin went to work in my behalf, sending the administration a demand that since they’d been illegally “seizing personal and private items,” he was ordering them to stop and that “all personal and private items be returned to where they were found immediately.”

Jerry’s letter also stated: “There is little documentation to support much of the allegations other than double and triple hearsay. In order for my client to reasonably be expected to respond to allegations, she must be provided with copies of documents, including written statements from the alleged victims. Therefore, before any hearing can occur, please provide the aforementioned documents immediately.” It took several years to receive the documents that Jerry requested that day.

….to be continued


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