What People Need to Understand about Workplace Abuse & Bullying

“What people need to understand is that the traumatized and the abusively bullied have little or no control over their situation in either a school or workplace environment. Their situations are complicated. Their environments are complex. One of the favorite tactics of a bully is to isolate the victim so that they cannot tell their story. Other tactics include intimidation, public humiliation, and even legal coercion. For those who experience chronic abuse, the hurdles are difficult. Positive emotions are replaced by guilt, shame, hopelessness, unworthiness, anger, and suicidal thoughts. They begin to see themselves differently, losing confidence and becoming paranoid. They begin to believe the lies and see themselves as abnormal or odd. Rejection creates loneliness, deep depression and sometimes results in suicide.” Lorna Stremcha, Administrative Bullies Activate Childhood Trauma and Childhood Trauma and the Workplace.


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