Positive Change

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and help you face truths in positive and supportive ways. Get help from professionals if you need to. Do not be ashamed. End the denial today.Mirror

Look at yourself in the mirror, and use positive self-talk daily. You are worthy and unique; you only get one chance at this wonderful thing we call life. Face your enemies, your bullies, your battles, the weasels, and the wars. Stop whining. Don’t allow outside forces and internal battles to clip your wings or to break your spirit. Fight back, and reclaim yourself. Face yourself. Get real. Get honest. Get moving. Take action. Tell yourself how wonderful you are.

Positive self-talk is essential to help you create a healthier and happier you. Take it one step at a time. Stop the internal beatings and allow the bruises to heal. Positive self-talk is not the complete answer, but it is a start. Choosing healthy self-talk provides you with more strength to face your nemesis. It offers you the opportunity to enhance your emotional intelligence and look at the situation with more clarity. You are not allowing vicious words to bring you down.

For all practical purposes, self-talk should be simple, to the point, practical, and honest. Simple self-talk is essential; it provides a clear picture of what it is you desire. It opens the door of possibility. Realizing you are reading this book tells me that you want to be better. Speak only in the positive. Below you will find examples of negative and positive self-talk to help you better understand how to put your thoughts in the positive and present tense. Following these lists, you will find self-talk statements, which can be utilized in building a better self-image.


  • Negative: I can’t do math.
  • Positive: I am capable of learning math.
  • Negative: I can’t remember names.
  • Positive: I am able to remember names.
  • Negative: It’s going to be another bad Monday.
  • Positive: It’s going to be a great Monday.
  • Negative: I’m so stupid!
  • Positive: I am intelligent.
  • Negative: I’m too shy.
  • Positive: I enjoy meeting new people.


Positive Image Building Statements

  • I am special. I like who I am, and I feel good about myself.
  • I am unique, and there is no one else like me. That’s amazing!
  • I am glad to be me.
  • I am intelligent.
  • My mind is capable of learning.
  • My mind is clever, quick, and alert.
  • I am interested in learning and doing new and different things.
  • I am organized and in control of my life.
  • I am kind, sincere, honest, and genuine.
  • I am all of these things and more. All these things make up me.
  • I like who I am, and I’m ____________

Start writing your I am statement today.





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