“Energy is never lost, only misplaced.”

—Angel Wisdom

Imagine your body as liquid energy. Throughout the day you are asked to give your energy to your spouse, children, siblings, friends, students, patients, coworkers, job, home, charity or club. By the end of the day, you are empty. This is not good for you.

Professionals in the fields of nursing, teaching, and social work often need to refuel before the end of the day. Their gauge was proba­bly low within the first few hours of work. This is because individuals that are drawn to these professions are more concerned about needs of others more than their own.

As an educator and Life Coach, I can attest to the fact a dedi­cated professional’s day begins early in the morning and more often than not, ends late at night. The moment a teacher arrives at school, demands are made. Dedicated teachers have little time for themselves. They do much more than simply teach their subject. Many students do not have positive role models at home; it falls upon the teacher to pro­vide guidance and monitoring. Most teachers have counseled, tutored, broken up a fight, defused an argument, attended a couple of conferences and taught three classes, all before lunch.

Granted, most are content and do not complain. They love their students and enjoy teaching. Dedicated teachers inspire, develop and educate. As with other service field professions, such as nursing and social work, the day is consumed meeting others demands and neglect­ing their own.

Is your energy gauge on empty? If so, you need to refuel and become self-caring and your own best advocate.

Are your past beliefs and behaviors getting in your way? Experiences, negative or positive determine how you handle situations. You must also understand your perception affects how you view yourself and others. Personal beliefs and learned behavior often get in the way of success.

An example: “I failed at this already. I’m sure to fail again.” To believe just because you failed the first time you are doomed to fail the next is self-defeating. Failure is often the best thing that can happen to us.

Many people refuse to compete because they are afraid of los­ing. You can’t lose if you don’t compete! Competition provides the opportunity to learn more in a compressed time-frame. This can be applied to every aspect of your life: workouts, wellness routines, clubs, hobbies, and academics. Remember, you are only competing against yourself, not others.

For many of us, just getting through the day is winning. Women and girls subjected to abuse, abandonment, or addiction have been coerced into silence, brainwashed into self-abuse, and trapped in an environment that keeps them chained to beliefs that they are stupid, a loser, a fool, ugly, fat, a tramp, or worthless. Their distorted view of themselves prevents them from getting back up and standing on their own two feet. Are false perceptions and negative feedback shattering your spirit?

 Action Steps

  • Get moving. Walk, dance, swim, etc…
  • Practice breath-walking (
  • Commit out loud.
  • Charge up your brain.
  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Visualize

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